Matthew's Coming Out Journey | Big Mouth Season 4

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In one of the most emotional storylines of Big Mouth Season 4, Matthew (Andrew Rannells) comes out as gay to his parents. ⚠️Warning: spoilers ⚠️
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Matthew's Coming Out Journey | Big Mouth Season 4
On the brink of eighth grade, the friends contend with summer camp torments, shady alter egos, new make-out frontiers and Tito the Anxiety Mosquito.

Night Gaza
Night Gaza 11 klukkustundum síðan
Go up stairs b!tch Me:HHAHAHAHHAHAH I CANT XD
Мелкая Груша
Мелкая Груша 17 klukkustundum síðan
Okay- *DICK!*
Layla Drawz
Layla Drawz 20 klukkustundum síðan
All of the cake metaphors made me laugh so hard oml-
Mercury SedanGuy1
Mercury SedanGuy1 22 klukkustundum síðan
I'm gay🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈😊😊 who's proud as well
Blitzus Degi Síðan síðan
Hopefully, in the next season Matthew’s mom point of view will change and finally accept Matthew for who he is.
lavenderbees uwu
lavenderbees uwu Degi Síðan síðan
omg i wish my mom was as accepting as the dad. shes known that i like woman and only woman for 5 years now and still refuses to accept it. it might be denial because my brother is also gay and she believes that she'll never be able to have grandkids despite how many times ive explained she can just not normally. seeing him have a inner struggle between family and his life then accepting it is absolutely beautiful.
Sharon Abalo
Sharon Abalo Degi Síðan síðan
Why does Matthew's friend look like Blaine Anderson from Glee??
D B 2 dögum síðan
This reminds me of Dolly Parton's Heart Strings Netflix series. The super country homophobic seeming dad turns out to be the accepting parent that says "I always told myself that if this moment came I'd look you in the eye and tell you that I loved you" while the mom is screaming into a wedding cake
D B 2 dögum síðan
"I wish things would go back to the way they were" "Yeah..Before women could vote and you could smoke on a plane?sure." Lmfao
story teller
story teller 2 dögum síðan
"But mommy lets us lick the spoon :
Shot in the Heart
Shot in the Heart 2 dögum síðan
“Make me watch Wedding Crashers” lol
The Nosiey Artist
The Nosiey Artist 3 dögum síðan
"Your doing great matt" "I think your dad is done with this conversation...:)" When maury isnt thinking about the sex side of puberty...hes actually a good support.
Alien Isabel
Alien Isabel 3 dögum síðan
Nino12 Official
Nino12 Official 3 dögum síðan
I like how Maury was just supportive to Matthew throughout the journey.
cum demon
cum demon 4 dögum síðan
hay netflix my netfilx on my ipad isnt working so i throw it at the wall
Jane McNamara
Jane McNamara 4 dögum síðan
idc if people say this show is inappropriate or disgusting, because it is. that's what puberty is. it talks so much about growing up and discovering yourself. it's also hilarious so that's a plus.
RedFox Animations 101
RedFox Animations 101 4 dögum síðan
As a gay person, this really hit close to home. Seeing Matthew come out to his dad, and how scared he was made me cry. He is such a strong character and I loved to see how he developed over the seasons. Especially with Aiden, too! They have such a great connection and they possibly have the most healthy relationship out of all of the kids in the show. They could talk out their problems, and they really built up their relationship instead of jumping right to the point like every other relationship in big mouth. i can see them as an amazing couple, even in season 5. Either way I really hope they stay together, I really want to see where this relationship goes. :)
RedFox Animations 101
RedFox Animations 101 3 dögum síðan
@Rainbow-Waffen yesyes her too
Rainbow-Waffen 3 dögum síðan
@RedFox Animations 101 What about your mom?
RedFox Animations 101
RedFox Animations 101 3 dögum síðan
@Rainbow-Waffen yes he sure does, he's even met my girlfriend
Rainbow-Waffen 3 dögum síðan
@RedFox Animations 101 Does he know about your sexuality?
RedFox Animations 101
RedFox Animations 101 3 dögum síðan
@Rainbow-Waffen i guess its sorta like Matthew and his dad?
Demo Animations
Demo Animations 4 dögum síðan
For anyone wondering, it's episode 8 from season 4 called "the funeral"
Vixtion 5 dögum síðan
lmao I think I had to come out 3 times because my dad was like "your not bisexual"
Rainbow-Waffen 4 dögum síðan
What's your relationship like with your father?
‘ aniya martinez .
‘ aniya martinez . 5 dögum síðan
“Upstairs bitch” 🤣🤣🤣
Bella Ancheta
Bella Ancheta 5 dögum síðan
*nothing would rise!*
Sloth Animations
Sloth Animations 6 dögum síðan
This show is very accurate to childhood. Its difficult explaining your gay to christian parents. And its nice seeing the dad as supportive. But it doesnt make the mom out to he evil and a villain. Shes stressed and scared. Because thats just how the religion is, and shes scared of her son rotting for all eternity. The show is great at showing angles.
GamePlex 6 dögum síðan
Dads are usually the chill ones
LunarKunai 6 dögum síðan
Ok, Mory might be disgusting and all but honestly him and Connie are so sweet and supportive and I LOVE them. The "You're doing great Mat honestly made me wanna cry
Rainbow-Waffen 2 dögum síðan
@LunarKunai I guessed that.
LunarKunai 2 dögum síðan
@Rainbow-Waffen trashy
Rainbow-Waffen 4 dögum síðan
What's your relationship like with your father?
Heap Ass
Heap Ass 6 dögum síðan
As someone apart of the lgbtqia+ community Matthews story has always broke my heart. His dad was so happy for him and his mom wouldn’t understand.
Heap Ass
Heap Ass 2 dögum síðan
@Rainbow-Waffen what?
Rainbow-Waffen 2 dögum síðan
@Heap Ass Another question, do the really matter?
Heap Ass
Heap Ass 2 dögum síðan
@Rainbow-Waffen He left when i was 7
Rainbow-Waffen 3 dögum síðan
@Heap Ass Can you tell me why you people never have good relationships with your dads? It's too common to bee a coincidence.
Heap Ass
Heap Ass 4 dögum síðan
@Rainbow-Waffen Not very good 😃
Rabid The Weird
Rabid The Weird 6 dögum síðan
My name being aayden: o_o
Kawaii Queen
Kawaii Queen 6 dögum síðan
Matthew's coming out story is honestly amazing and very relatable. I came out to my mom recently as pansexual and asexual and she accepted me and continued a normal conversation like nothing changed. It's more comforting cause it gives off the feeling that no matter how different you are, things can still be okay and life doesn't have to feel different in a scary way, but in a way that shows the same life but with a new understanding of me. It's hard to come out, even if you know your family and/or will accept you. I hope people who see this video or comment will realise even if someone doesn't accept you, you'll still be way more happier than you were hiding in the closet. Be strong, you got this. And the world is ready to see the real you ❤
Life The Girl
Life The Girl 6 dögum síðan
Fuck Brittany lol
izzy cross
izzy cross 7 dögum síðan
what episode is this
izzy cross
izzy cross 4 dögum síðan
@Demo Animations cool thx
Demo Animations
Demo Animations 4 dögum síðan
Season 4 episode 8 "the funeral"
Andrew 7 dögum síðan
For real my mom said all these things to me when I was coming out (save the baking metaphors) so this shit hit real close to home. Time has made things better, but having to go through this at a young age is very difficult. If you’re in a position like this right now, surround yourself with people who love and support you. It gets better. 💕🌈
Rainbow-Waffen 4 dögum síðan
What's your relationship like with your father?
Milomondo 7 dögum síðan
Ugh, the dad likes reboots.
I Love DA Games
I Love DA Games 6 dögum síðan
ellarose808 •3•
ellarose808 •3• 7 dögum síðan
I like matthews man voice XD
Rainbow-Waffen 4 dögum síðan
@ellarose808 •3• Oh, that's a shame. He was my favorite character.
ellarose808 •3•
ellarose808 •3• 4 dögum síðan
@Rainbow-Waffen if you look where they were both on the bed Andrew said “because were gay”
Rainbow-Waffen 4 dögum síðan
@ellarose808 •3• What do you mean?
ellarose808 •3•
ellarose808 •3• 4 dögum síðan
he is gay
Rainbow-Waffen 4 dögum síðan
I don't, he sounds gay.
fuck 7 dögum síðan
4:23 i hate when people say that istg like how would you know you’re straight at 13 either lmao
PrettyRed 7 dögum síðan
I was literally in tears when his dad slammed the brakes and unashamedly accepted and loved his son, as he always had. It's not something I ever expect from my own family but I'm happy for him, really.
Rainbow-Waffen 4 dögum síðan
What's your relationship like with your father?
Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy 8 dögum síðan
This show big mothers effed-up but I like it😂
Eric Williams
Eric Williams 8 dögum síðan
What the fuck
W E N D I G O • R O S E
W E N D I G O • R O S E 8 dögum síðan
But mommy lets us lick the spoon That was one of his cutest parts
Magma But Pineapple
Magma But Pineapple 8 dögum síðan
I just watched this episode lol
Theater psycho
Theater psycho 8 dögum síðan
I use to fucking hate Matthew, I’m so glad they turned his character around
Rogue Jester
Rogue Jester 9 dögum síðan
Kinda reminds me of my biromantic and demisexual(?) journey. Only it's vise versa with my parents. Only my mom is actually not the person to say things like that too, and my dad is still new to the idea. Not in a bigot way, just isn't sure if I really know yet. He still accepted me though.
A W 9 dögum síðan
Honestly so relieved by how his dad accepted him i was rlly scared for a mean anti gay arc just for the sake of showing a difficult parent
Samantha Alessandra
Samantha Alessandra 9 dögum síðan
Honestly, I always thought that with Edward and Kimberly it would have been reversed. I was not expecting what happened to happen.. But at least Matthew has ONE supportive parent
Sofia Viegas
Sofia Viegas 9 dögum síðan
I feel so underrated sometimes bc when I came out to my family and everytime I talk about my sexuality they're like "yes, but you're still a teenager. You're young so you don't know what u truly like" Those words only make me feel that they don't want me to be the way I am. Like, accepting that part of myself. But when I watched this episode, specifically in the 4:23 of this video, I felt so good with myself. I knew I was valid too.
Pain-senpai Daddies OG ULTIMATE BIGGEST FAN 9 dögum síðan
My dad is extremely homophobic so if I turned out to be gay, he'd completely kill me
Talkindurinthemovie 9 dögum síðan
Id be more upset with the sex talk then the gay
ah oh
ah oh 9 dögum síðan
I hope someday in the future (if the we hadnt wrecked the world yet) children could just say they have a crush on a person with the same gender Like Its normal "Mummy mummy! Jessie and i are married!" "Arent you too young for that?" "It love!!"
The_Pedro 10 dögum síðan
"Let's just take the pressure off, circle a day on the calendar six months from now, and if you're not ready by then, I'll kill myself" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, one of the funniest lines of this season for sure
Paz Since81
Paz Since81 10 dögum síðan
🤣 thank god. Couldn’t look at Brittany any longer who uses both hands to pick up a glass 🤣
Kat 5896
Kat 5896 10 dögum síðan
These are literally my parents
Raina Trujillo
Raina Trujillo 10 dögum síðan
today, i came out to my mom as bisexual while we were shopping for clothes, i was scared shitless and i was going to cry, but she was very chill about it and she hugged me... then, my dad said he would pick me up and take me home because it was getting late but my mom wanted to check out, and before i left, she called out and i turned around and she said, "i love you so much!" and i teared up...
Official Vizzy
Official Vizzy 10 dögum síðan
i love how they did this, set the father up to be homophobic and a prude but he turned out to be instantly accepting and understanding and even goes are far as to say he knew his entire life, meanwhile the mom wasnt malicious either, she's a woman who truly believes in her religion and she is honestly terrified that her son who she loves so much is really gonna go to hell for being gay, its coming from a place of love, she's not digusted, she's hurt and sad but she's not purposely trying to push him away either, this kid has really great parents
Mistic Fandoms
Mistic Fandoms 10 dögum síðan
When his dad was so relaxed about him coming out, I literally cried. It’s a breath of fresh air.
alex Grahn
alex Grahn 10 dögum síðan
yk knowing that this is andrew rannells makes me want to detonate myself like as someone who stanned him from mt it’s insane
The Exreal
The Exreal 10 dögum síðan
"Let's just take the pressure off , circle a date on a calendar six month form now on and if you not by then I'll kill myself" Maurey you're the best
Circ3 Witch
Circ3 Witch 10 dögum síðan
I keep researching this scene it's so scary how close this is to my experience my mom acted just the same and his dad acted like mine too I remember when I came to the same conclusion he had this episode.
Cheese President
Cheese President 11 dögum síðan
Stylish friends lol
justyouraverageweeb12 :3
justyouraverageweeb12 :3 11 dögum síðan
adrien's little gay wave had me like *i love the fact im gay more now*
Rachel Clark
Rachel Clark 11 dögum síðan
Awwwee I'm going to be the kind of mom that says if your bisexual lesbian gay then that's ok I love you and I'll always support you
Zach 675
Zach 675 12 dögum síðan
“Because I’m gay..and that might mean your going to send me to a conversion camp or pretend I died of a brain tumor or make me watch wedding crashers!”
Lily Goedl
Lily Goedl 12 dögum síðan
BrUh his mom is giving off ✨homophobic✨ vibes 🤢 His dad and his boyfriend are awesome and super supportive ❤️ 👏
Nate 12 dögum síðan
I really wish I had someone like Matthew's dad when I came out. My mother disowned me and we never really spoke about it afterwards. Anytime I tried to have a conversation with her, she'd shut it down or start a fight. It left me feeling unwanted and angry.
Maika Johnson
Maika Johnson 12 dögum síðan
My parents said the same thing when I came out bi “You’re too young to know your true sexuality”
hello 12 dögum síðan
why is no one talking about how matthew thinks watching wedding crashers is as bad as conversion camo
Quincy Connors
Quincy Connors 13 dögum síðan
It looks to me that she's more worried about her reputation in the Christian community than her family's relationships.
Bernie The cat
Bernie The cat 13 dögum síðan
3:59 Maybe he’s not “choosing” to bake with a boy, you’re just “choosing” to be a homophobic excuse of a mother.
Paris Heidi
Paris Heidi 13 dögum síðan
Omg if they just srunk the heads a little the art style would be so much better.
Betsaida Morelos
Betsaida Morelos 13 dögum síðan
As a Christian and Pansexual myself and in a community where I'm surrounded with confusion and asking myself in my mind everyday asking if my family supports LGBTQ or not but it hurts me alot when I see what sin im doing but I can't change i love who I am and I will always have God in my mind 🙏🏻❤✝️
Gianfranco Espinoza
Gianfranco Espinoza 13 dögum síðan
I love the fact that the mom is the one uncomfortable with his sexuality Too many times I see the man in the family being the one who "doesn't understand" or is against it. It makes me feel like I'll always be seen as ignorant but this show has now become great representation
Dyshawn brinson
Dyshawn brinson 14 dögum síðan
I love Mathews straight voice
Erieana Pappano
Erieana Pappano 14 dögum síðan
“You weren’t🤨” lmao he really said... wow... I’m so surprised
Lydia Lisi
Lydia Lisi 14 dögum síðan
Mathew's father is more accepting than how he was perceived the whole show before this episode. Glad he's alright with a gay son... Now if we can help mama get used to it, that'd be nice. ... But, some people don't...
Bryanna Benson
Bryanna Benson 14 dögum síðan
I actually thought that the Mother would be the accepting one and that the father won't. But to my surprise it was the other way around. I'm glad that Matthew has a loving and supporting Dad.
Bryanna Benson
Bryanna Benson 14 dögum síðan
I saw the preview of season 4 I thought the dad wouldn't accept him but after seeing the episode I was like "wow! Such a loving father."
baylei 14 dögum síðan
Thank God I couldn't look at Brittany for another second i mean who needs 2 hands to hold a fucking glass am i right
scooby snack
scooby snack 14 dögum síðan
Plot twist: Britney is a lesbian
Franklin Clinton
Franklin Clinton 14 dögum síðan
I love watching this. 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐🌟 I've seen all 4 seasons! Biggest fan ever!
Curmageon Cat
Curmageon Cat 14 dögum síðan
Aiden is like a gay superman.....I'm not complaining though
Fangy Boi
Fangy Boi 14 dögum síðan
Something that has been bothering me since I saw this video is how manipulative his mom sounds when she says "If you love this family, PLEASE don't say anything to your father". Like sure her Christian intentions might be for his good, since she knew his father was gonna accept him and let him continue on his gay life, but damn that's really traumatizing, the guy was already under a lot of internal struggle and then she goes and drops that ultimatum bomb on him? No wonder he walked out of the kitchen tearing up.
Les Mortimers
Les Mortimers 14 dögum síðan
Yikes. My mom also passive-aggressively ignored me when she found out I’m gay. And my stepdad was totally cool with it
Jamaal Rainey
Jamaal Rainey 15 dögum síðan
This storyline had me in tears the whole season 💀 whew how art imitates life 😅 good job Big Mouth👏🏾🥺
HoneyLion 15 dögum síðan
I like how much of a soft spot Maury has for Matthew.
Ferraxi - Kun
Ferraxi - Kun 15 dögum síðan
Dude I hate the mom bruh, it’s not your love life it’s your kids.
Evie Runnels
Evie Runnels 15 dögum síðan
i relate to matthew a little too much
Owl MoeMoe
Owl MoeMoe 15 dögum síðan
And this is why I don’t exactly like religion
Flavio Pires
Flavio Pires 15 dögum síðan
This kid sounds like a goddamn angel
Eva Johansen
Eva Johansen 15 dögum síðan
God everything Mathews mom said in the parking lot hit a little too close
Bailee Harding
Bailee Harding 15 dögum síðan
I have to admit when they bought Matthews parents into the mix and I saw them together I was like "Oh! Matthews mom knows but he acts straight for his father." I was not ready for the twist in season 4 but I was living for it
Delfina L
Delfina L 15 dögum síðan
That was really great story
Hover Pride
Hover Pride 15 dögum síðan
3:07 Such a supporting boyfriend
Hover Pride
Hover Pride 15 dögum síðan
Why does Matthew have four fingers?
Hover Pride
Hover Pride 15 dögum síðan
I know for a fact it's Joe Me: WAIT A DAMN MINUTE
Hover Pride
Hover Pride 15 dögum síðan
0:38 OH MAH LORD XD Everyday i drift further away from god
Sans the skeleton
Sans the skeleton 16 dögum síðan
This show is so weird. it has a dirty and sometimes disgusting humor, and silly metaphors, but it's still able to help teenagers understand what is going on when they are growing up. It shows us everything that can happen to us: depression, parents' divorce, finding our orientation, panic attacks, changing bodies, first loves, etc. and I think that creators actually really know what they doing. Respect.
Razing Flame
Razing Flame 12 dögum síðan
Lazy Ozzie
Lazy Ozzie 16 dögum síðan
I hate Matthew's deep voice.
Diamond Tenorio
Diamond Tenorio 16 dögum síðan
When is big mouth coming back on American Netflix 😭I miss it
Shawn Sheehan
Shawn Sheehan 16 dögum síðan
whoa whoa hold your horses, I like Wedding Crashers
Matthew J Sodaro
Matthew J Sodaro 16 dögum síðan
This season gave matthew some MUCH needed development
Sparky 111000
Sparky 111000 16 dögum síðan
*I know who you are* very powerful words in a show 😢
chris soto
chris soto 16 dögum síðan
Lock your phone kids
Kaylee Hart
Kaylee Hart 16 dögum síðan
I love Matthew’s journey throughout the show and it hits home how they portrayed his parents. My brother is gay and when he came out my mom was not accepting and didn’t understand and he was scared to tell my dad, but my dad was very accepting and supported him. My dad told him who he loved didn’t change who his son was.
jaden is emotional
jaden is emotional 16 dögum síðan
This show is so dumb and funny, but it also knows how to handle topics like this
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